KickStart your security engineering career

A step by step guide to getting your first job in security engineering

Do you need help to break into the security engineering industry? Look no further than “Kickstart Your Security Engineering Career”! This meticulously crafted guide, developed by industry experts with over a decade of collective experience, provides a step-by-step framework for landing your dream job. Unlike other career guides, this book goes beyond theory and provides actionable steps to develop the knowledge, skills, mindset, and experience necessary for success.

In addition, with exercises to measure progress at the end of each chapter, you’ll gain the confidence to tackle even the most challenging interviews. The book includes a dedicated chapter covering different question types and approaches, so you can be prepared to impress any interviewer.

What our readers say


Praise from our early reviewers and readers about Kickstart Your Security Engineering Career.

"It is very helpful for people who want to get started in InfoSec. The book does a really great job describing how to get into the field and good info on what roles are available."

- Technology Assurance Audit Associate @ KPMG

"Wish I had access to something like this when I started my career"

- Staff Security Research Engineer @ Series E startup

"Anybody who wishes to pursue security engineering should read this book"

- Student @ Columbia University

“The language in the book was perfect for beginners. The diagrams and exercises were great to help visualize certain security concepts, and I appreciated the sample resumes provided.”

- Undergrad at the University of Southern California

About the Authors

Karan Dwivedi is a recognized cybersecurity expert. Currently, he serves as a security engineering manager at Google. Karan has led large-scale security projects at Google and Yahoo in the US for products like Google Search, Google Assistant, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, Flickr, etc, to safeguard over a billion users. At Yahoo, he was part of the security team responding to the world’s largest data breach. Karan contributed to the latest internet standard for scoring vulnerabilities, the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS 4.0). He is featured in major media like Hakin9 Media Magazine, Forensic Focus News, etc. He has delivered talks at national and international conferences like Tech Ex North America, Tech Summit SF, BSides Las Vegas, National Cyber Summit, etc, to influence private and public sectors. Karan was featured as a subject matter expert in the Google Cybersecurity Certificate program launched in May 2023 on Coursera, which had an enrollment of over 41000 students in a few weeks. Furthermore, Karan has served as an advisor to startups, an editorial board member in international security journals, and judged global competitions. He holds a master’s degree in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. 

About the Authors

Raaghav Srinivasan is a seasoned cybersecurity professional currently serving as a Senior Security Engineering Manager at a US-based financial technology company. Beginning his journey as the founding Security Engineer at HelloSign, Raaghav played a pivotal role in establishing the technical security program from the ground up, eventually leading to its acquisition. Following HelloSign’s acquisition by Dropbox, he seamlessly integrated his expertise into broader cybersecurity initiatives at Dropbox. Raaghav holds a bachelor’s degree from Vellore Institute of Technology, India, and a Master’s degree in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon University, United States. He is also an RSAC Security Scholar, awarded to hand-selected brightest up-and-coming cybersecurity students.

Driven by a passion for taking a pragmatic approach to security, Raaghav excels in constructing security programs from scratch. Beyond his professional achievements, he is committed to mentoring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, underscoring his dedication to fortifying the future of the field. He shares his experiences and thoughts at

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