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Don’t let the competition leave you behind - "Kickstart Your Security Engineering Career" will help you take the first step toward your future success!

Do you need help to break into the security engineering industry? Look no further than "Kickstart Your Security Engineering Career"! This meticulously crafted guide, developed by industry experts with over a decade of collective experience, provides a step-by-step framework for landing your dream job. Unlike other career guides, this book goes beyond theory and provides actionable steps to develop the knowledge, skills, mindset, and experience necessary for success. In addition, with exercises to measure progress at the end of each chapter, you'll gain the confidence to tackle even the most challenging interviews. The book includes a dedicated chapter covering different question types and approaches, so you can be prepared to impress any interviewer.

See what some early reviewers have to say 

"it is very, very helpful for people who want to get started in infoSec" - Technology Assurance Audit Associate @ KPMG

"Anybody who wishes to pursue security engineering should read this book" - Student @ Columbia University 

"Wish I had access to something like this when I started my career" - Staff Security Research Engineer @ Series E startup.

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